A downloadable project

An art game about a personal chapter of my life, a dark period where I battled some of the most intense feelings I've ever felt whilst battling depression.

The game is more of an interactive maze to explore than a purely ludic experience, with almost every aspect from mechanics to level design being metaphorical. The landscape is a literal chart of highs and lows, players can "win" the game in two ways, to either explore the maze and collect lights and avoiding the floating "Ennui", or to drop to rock bottom, and choose to end the game, to give up the search for light.

Players can switch between two modes of movement, which in tandem changes the world the player inhabits. Many of the "Notions" littered about the map only appear in certain locations on the map and may say different things, they reflect thoughts, things said to me and memories.

There's a harp to find in the grey world that repels "Ennui", a coping mechanism if you will, called "Leisure" that repels them with the pres of the "R" key once attained. Quite often when world swapping you may find yourself falling but not knowing why, simply switch to flying and you can phase through walls. But beware, you may find yourself trapped in certain tiles with no way of getting out. There's nothing to be done but reset, unless you can wriggle free, but there's no guarantee.

I hope any players who find this take something out of the experience, please wander the maze at your leisure. Music provided by Aric-misc.projects https://soundcloud.com/aric-misc-projects


prototype_V4_SR.zip 371 MB